Making History come to Life


Chapters hold regular archery tournaments in historic style with wooden bows and wooden shafted arrows. In some cases modern bows are allowed if they are not compound, have no sights, or counterbalances. See the Tenets of the Realm for details.


The Chapters recreate non-choreographed combat competitions in one-on-one tournament style and group battles. Combat is performed in three basic styles: a training form for beginners using synthetic waster swords, rapier-style with a variety of fencing type weapons, and heavy armored combat using steel weapons. Our combatants and spectators safety is the utmost priority and our rules require defined standards on armor worn, weapons used, and protective arenas. See the Tenets of the Realm for details.

Trades and Crafts

Realms members endeavor to re-create various historical trades and crafts. We research and reproduce items that existed in our historical timeline, using historical construction techniques and materials whenever possible. Items such as clothing, needlework, furniture cooking, wood, leather, and metal working. See the Tenets of the Realm for details.


Ministry service is the administrative side that supports the organization, demonstrations and classes. These are the members who give their time and help maintain chapter rosters, membership, stand as crowns and ministers. If you are interested in helping track or process information behind the scenes ministry service is for you. You can talk to your crowns or any member working at an event and ask what you can do to help.

Announcement I

Tortuga Demo at Royal Palm Library on July 22nd at 3 PM. Contact local Crowns for more information.

Announcement II

West Haven's Demo Medieval Mayhem is coming up July. More information is available on their Facebook page.

Announcement III

Tortuga's new crowns will be Sir Polonius Fiend and Dame Cocah Anatolii. Coronation to be held in the fall. More details to come.

Latest Project


Sandwich board made by Sir Polonius for use at events and demos.