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Realms of History, Inc. (Realms) is a nationwide non-profit volunteer educational organization. Realms is devoted to the research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, combat, culture, and utilizing knowledge of history to enrich the lives of participants and members through events, demonstrations, and other educational activities.


Realms time period spans Medieval and Renaissance European history between 1066, the Battle of Hastings; and 1651, the end of the English Civil War. This includes all of Western Europe and other areas that had a significant contribution and presence in this period of history.


We recreate a society where individuals from all classes can live the simple life, or excel and achieve the status of Knight through deeds. We promote the best qualities of life such as compassion and fellowship; where family and honor come first. Where communities small and large pitched in and took care of their own. Where a Knight's word was his reputation and bond, and one on one combat was the mode to resolve disputes of Honor. Where hunting, trade and bartering were the mode for survival.


It is our goal to bring forth to our communities living history by providing an atmosphere to live and explore the Medieval and Renaissance period, also known as the Age of Chivalry.


It is our hope that the Chivalry of old, carries over into the mundane world.


Each chapter is different. Some chapters might have many demonstrations (demos) and emphasize new member outreach, while others may be waiting for you to express an interest. Some chapters hold a variety of practices, workshops, and events in their area, some members may need to travel in order to participate in such activities. You are welcome to participate in any Realms activities and events whether near or far.


Principality of Tortuga


The first Europeans to land on Tortuga were the Spaniards in 1492 during the first voyage of Christopher Columbus into the New World. On December 6, 1492, three Spanish ships entered the Windward Passage that separates Cuba and Haiti. At sunrise, Columbus noticed an island whose contours emerged from the morning mist. Because the shape reminded him of a turtle's shell, he chose the name of Tortuga. 


Tortuga is also the name of the Florida Chapter of Realms of History. Based primarily in South Florida, we hold our monthly events in parks from Miami/Dade to West Palm Beach. See events page for current event locations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Prince William the Rooster or Princess Gabby Loude.



Principality of West Haven


West Haven is the Principality in Arizona located primarily in Phoenix and its surrounding suburbs. Prince Richard de Corazon and Princess Maria de Gallegos are the current Crowns.

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